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 therapist: Tatiana Balashova (Life in Glow Wellness),
In-Person in Vancouver, BC
Online in Canada
"I help people to connect to themselves - their feelings, emotions, body and subconscious mind. Through personal insights and my supportive guidance, clients manage to explore their inner world (different parts of their personality which influence their life), discover their best potential, and as a result they find more inner peace and clarity, they get answers to "burning" questions, as well as improve the quality of relationships and life. Transformation does not have to be scary and difficult, even if you might feel more vulnerable out of your “comfort zone” and that zone at times is not as comfortable on the inside of it as it seems outside. It just requires some courage and self love, some time to process and let go what needs to stay in the past. You can integrate the best from your life experience, allowing yourself to value yourself for real and to keep developing and moving forward along your journey, enjoying “here and now” and even enjoying the transformation, “the new you”. Feel free to check clients reviews on my website and Life in Glow Wellness google page.

Client Focus

Session Format: Individual therapy sessions.
Age Specialty: Adult, Children, Elder, Young Adult
Demographic Expertise: Asian, Black / African American, Buddhist, Christian, Hispanic / Latino, Men, Women clients.
Languages: English (fluent), Russian (native)

Treatment Approach

  • Art Therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Integrative
  • Interpersonal
  • Narrative
  • Person-Centered
  • Psychoanalytic
  • Psychodrama
  • Psychodynamic
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
  • Transactional Analysis
Approach Description: Integrative client-centered humanistic approach, solution oriented; psychodynamic psychoanalytical approach (emotion-image therapy) with the help of unique contemporary therapy methods

Education & Credentials

Tatiana Balashova (Life in Glow Wellness)
  • Female
  • License # Business Licence #20-193328
  • Licensed in BC
  • Practicing Since 2017
Education: Centre of Emotion-Image Therapy by Nikolai Linde (EIT Level 1-2, Moscow, Russia), EIT & Finances Training by Irina Marievich, Institute of Psychology "Imaton" (St.Petersburg) (Diploma "Art Therapy in Education, Medicine and Business), Institute of Practical Psychology by Olga Garkovets, etc.


  • Average Session Fee 95
  • Affordable sliding scale therapy: apply if you may be eligible.
  • For those who are struggling financially as well as students I offer sessions on a flexible rate (a limited number of sessions per month), feel free to contact to discuss. There are also research sessions available occasionally, e.g. when I am testing a certain technique or a deck of Metaphorical Associative Cards, you can opt in to be notified of such sessions.
  • Out of Network

Tatiana Balashova (Life in Glow Wellness) Practice Details

Therapy Sessions
  • Available In-Person in Vancouver, BC
  • Available Online for residents of Canada
  • Online Therapy Details: Zoom, Skype. Also messengers like telegram, skype are used for sending images of MACards if needed or any pictures related to art therapy sessions like drawings, etc).
Tatiana Balashova (Life in Glow Wellness) Practice Description
My practice is a welcoming warm and non-judgemental place for clients to feel safe to open up sharing what is happening in their life and be brave to take an honest look at whatever the situation is. I believe that therapy is a co-creative process and it is important to establish trust and a safe environment. Generally, my clients mention in reviews and feedback that it was quite easy for them to share and open up, they feel respected and understood during the therapy/ counselling or coaching process. I am open to working with mentally healthy adults and teenagers of ages 14+ . Usually after the 1st consultation and discussion I either help people myself to choose the type of session which can be best for their request (therapy, counseling or life coaching) and some client prefer to try a certain method, so it differs, in my opinion, it is not the method that matters, but rather the people and collaboration itself, as well as the outcome. Some people come for a consultation in a specific method because they’ve tried it already and liked it. Occasionally I combine a few approaches for example EIT with MACards or Art Therapy if that is more beneficial for a certain case. To give a bit of insight into the process, usually I guide with questions and the client answers. MACards, Art Therapy, EIT techniques help to tap into the subconscious mind which allows to have a “shortcut” to understanding yourself better, possibly seeing better some kind of "blind spots" or hidden motivation and resources, often feelings and emotions unprocessed get "trapped" in the body, so we ecologically work with them layer by layer. My goal is not to give any advice or put labels however to help you get to a higher level self-integration where to you feel, live, work and make decisions from a truly authentic place. I work mainly with short-term & mid-term therapy for specific requests, from 3 to 12 sessions on average per request. PS: I am also a professional Western Astrologer, practicing a contemporary unique psychological holistic approach, working with natal, locational astrology and astrological remediation. In some cases clients prefer to take both therapy / counselling / coaching and astrology sessions (in separate consultations). And others come only for psychological sessions. I find natal astrology invaluable in understanding yourself and relationships, as well as your life path and lessons to learn, because some things no matter how hard you work in therapy/ counselling/ life coaching with are not possible to change to the point how you want it in your life, yet it IS possible to make the best out of what IS possible with your own help, healing, and the right attitude. Each method offers a toolbox of precious keys which can open some doors to happiness, health, inner peace and fulfillment if you use them wisely in a good way. There are a limited number of research sessions available on a reduced rate for working with psychosomatics and family patterns. Office hours vary depending on the week, I usually have from 1 to 3 sessions per day, maximum 4 if they are shorter. Sessions are from 30min to 2 hours. Amount of clients I can take on a longer-term therapy is limited. On some days I work in the evening as well because clients live in different time zones including Europe. Sessions can be scheduled between 9am - 9pm (occasionally 8am - 10.30pm PST/ PDT) Part of the work time is devoted to developing content for social media and projects. Wellness vlog: www.youtube.com/@lifeinglow Notes: Please keep in mind, I am not a psychologist, I do not give any diagnosis or prescriptions. I am a certified therapist, counsellor, life coach in specific methods with 3-5+ years of experience depending on the method. When booking a session clients agree to take full responsibility for their life decisions, actions, for their health and life and if that is necessary for their wellbeing consult a respectful specialist (allopathic medical / psychiatrist / alternative healer or any other specialized practitioner). I also leave myself the right to refer a new or existing client to a colleague if I think their experience and specialization can be beneficial for the person. There are some requests for sessions which I cannot take up due to specialization and education or any personal preference, as well as availability and logistical reasons. Collaborations and relationships are of great importance to me and feedback related to the sessions, website or social media are always welcome, as well as reviews. If you would like to learn MACards as a method or interested in a self-development training, feel free to fill out the survey. MACards course is in preparation and will be launched as soon as it is ready. SURVEY ENG - MACards Course for Wellness Practitioners https://forms.gle/rWvyuXQvjGVSnrAg9 SURVEY ENG - Intro to MACards (for anyone interested to learn more & self-development) https://forms.gle/DCjV9prTtNDzi5SE8

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