When considering therapy, ask yourself what you are looking for. Why are you doing this? Do you want to improve your confidence, relationships, change a behavior or learn something? Where you are in therapy for weeks, months or years you’ll learn something. But if you are short on time or money. Then brief therapy focused on observable goals where you can monitor symptoms reduction or new habits used; will show you it is working.

If you know you got a chronic condition then short-term therapy may not appropriate. However better coping can be learned in weeks or months if you do the following. Want to know you are less anxious? Then we will track your sleep. Have you ever thought of using your device to track other things besides your her steps? Tracking more days of sound sleep will indicate the conversations are working. Better sleep may indicate you are less worried. How will you learn to worry less? Miryam will teach you breathing techniques and encourage you to write things down. A willingness to temporarily keep records with journaling or learning a breathing technique may result in calmness and less rumination. Sometimes simple solutions are easily found. Come talk to me, if practical solutions sound right for you.