A Thought About the 5 Love Languages

Words of affirmation

Quality time

Physical touch

Acts of service

Receiving gifts

Whether in my premarital counseling course in during my couples counseling intake session, the 5 love languages are an important topic of discussion. Here’s why: We tend to GIVE what we like to RECEIVE.

We might enjoy all 5 love languages, but we attribute different values to each. I personally value words of affirmation a 9 out of 10 and acts of service a 5 out of 10. That means, my relationship energy is much higher when my wife simply offers a compliment than when she covers my job cleaning the dishes.

Take a moment.

Attribute values 1-10 to the 5 love languages and write it down on a paper. Then have your partner do the same. Now share them with each other. Make sure to keep THEIR highest valued language as YOUR highest priority.