When most people decide to enter therapy it’s because something is going wrong in their life. They are depressed, anxious, lonely or stressed. often, it is situational; career issues, interpersonal problems or grief due to the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, it is in the hopes of changing someone else. Rarely, do people seek counseling in order to improve an already happy, successful and stress-free life. Positive psychology, a relatively new area of psychology, seeks to help people self-actualize to their highest level. To achieve deep and lasting happiness and to thrive and flourish in their life. Most people have had some experience with positive psychology through its use in athletics. Referred to as Sports Psychology, it is designed to help athletes achieve peak performance in their particular field. This area of sports psychology, now called Peak performance, has been applied to other areas such as acting, dance, music and business success. The focus is not on fixing what is wrong but in emphasizing what is right. Many adjunct areas of therapy have emerged, such as life coaching and NLP, in order to meet this need. For many people, this area of therapy provides a more optimistic, healthy and positive approach to change. Rather than an emphasis on what is wrong or dysfunctional, the focus is finding out what is working and doing more of it.