Mental HealthMental Health is a state of well-being. You can cope with the stresses and challenges of everyday life. You can realise your potential and work productively. What do you think when you hear the word Illness?  Cancer Flu? Do you feel sympathetic? Do you offer to help? #reachout

Now what do you think when you hear the word Mental Illness? Depression Schizophrenia?  Many people find it difficult to talk about mental health issues.  9 out of 10 people say stigma & discrimination still have a negative effect on their lives. #mentalhealthireland

Health seems to be divided into 2 categories: physical & mental. It is ok to speak about our aches & pains. The same cannot be said when we feel mentally unwell. We too often pretend life is great, hide behind a smile while living in turmoil inside to hide our shame. #guilt

Mental Health issues can affect anyone, young & old at any time during our lives. This stigma needs to be challenged & a more understanding & accepting society established.  Remember at any time it could be you, me or one of our loved ones. #think

Avoiding Mental Illness & promoting good Mental Health comprises of familiarizing ourselves with our own body.  Recognize what makes us feel stressed, angry, emotional & WHY.  Look at what we could do to make life easier & take steps to achieve it. Who can we call on for support?  Start by taking control. #mymind


Some tips to help you take control of your Mental Health #selfcare

A healthy diet contributes to your mental health   #nutrition

Drink in moderation, alcohol & depression are linked

Keep active, exercise keeps the brain & other vital organs healthy   #fitness

Talk about your feelings, we all get overwhelmed at times. Family & friends are important. They can offer support and a listening ear   #support

Ask for help

Take a break & chill.

Do something you like

Identify strengths & weaknesses

Develop positive self-talk

Accept who you are. Acknowledge any changes you would like to make & work towards it.

Get at least 8 hours sleep to relax the body   #rest