Basil, my hilarious hair-less honey (cat), seems to be losing his mind having me home every day during this lockdown. While we try to release energy and stress by playing with this crazy feather-wire-wand thing– he’s super proud and pompous when he catches it, struts around with his tail up, a wry smirk on his smug, perfect, lil face– and he’ll run himself blue in the face.


His energy is through the roof, sprinting back and forth, back and forth, throughout the house, rugs are bunched up against the walls from where he’s skid into them; the cat tree is continually scaled as though this 15lb pink muffin was reenacting King Kong with The Empire State Building; he’s waaaaay more talkative than he ever has been, inhaling his food, swatting at my legs when I walk past him, then collapsing in my arms each night… what is going on?!


Now, Basil has been a really good boy for his entire life (we became friends 7 years ago), he’s still a good boy, but he used to be a CHILL good boy. I have to believe this is his way of burning off this anxious energy. I’m doing my part by meditating and releasing pent up emotions, is this him doing his part? I’d love to teach him full or half lotus and a few hand mudras to take the edge off… but he really couldn’t be bothered.

What I have realized, however, is that as soon as I shift my energy into compassion and empathy for what he may be feeling and confused about right now, he calms himself and settles in my lap. I close my eyes, feel my heart beat, I imagine the love in his lil’ heart and send all of my quiet and warm thoughts to him. Seems to be effective. ^_^


So, I guess this is our life now. I guess I’ll just have to love hime, then play with his entertaining and ridiculous kittiness until he tuckers himself out and collapses into my lovin’ and snuggly arms.


What a life.