Remaining a traditionalist into adulthood is your choice. Many young Latinas get pregnant quickly and the rest of their lives are delayed. Perhaps they never learned that education was equally important as marriage and family. A job and education will prepare you for a financial loss or the death of the primary breadwinner.
When you work with a female clinician who happens to have a Spanish surname, she may not have your similar experience. As a therapist she might have assumptions about feminism, equal opportunity and getting the most out of life. Previous generations of Spanish speaking woman may not have had the opportunities that you do. Or theymay have chosen home and husband over career and education. Maybe other influential factors like innate ability or criticism from others may have led them to play it safe and not live to their full potential. Maybe they decided their full potential was wife and mother.

There is nothing wrong with motherhood. However living under the power and control of arcane stereotypes is not conducive to successful and satisfying living in 2018. IF you are feeling depressed, marginalized, unchallenged, angry or frankly bored then it is time to reassess who is going to control you life. Whose values will dictate your life? Do you wan to form your own opinions? I can help with that.
Negative distortions come from many choices. The popular vote describes trends that we tend to believe, but may not disagree with. But we associate an emotion with what most people would say. Yes, it is more common to cry at funerals, but it isn’t a must. A self-judgement doesn’t have to generated, because you didn’t make the same choice as your grandmother. Be proud, you are thinking outside of the box. If you fear going outside the box and developing a more mature view of forming your “own life”, then come talk to me.