Intimacy will never completely satisfy you externally until you have receive inwardly, therefore a climax is just a fleeting memory that comes and goes. But intimacy with a lover causes one to want beyond human reasoning where there is only room enough for love,
Dr. Titus S McMillan.


In times like these most of us are reflecting on the relationships that have bridged the formula’s of family, No we may not aways agree. We may not even get along. Yet the identity is undeniable, I am a product of my heritage. It is like a finger print that bears the signature of grandma’s corn bread, it’s a classic song that you rehearse over and over just before the family reunion. and sometimes it’s the family rival that neither has reason, nor will it ever end. Then the ehco’s of one fine day speaks louder than the disappointment, reminding some little boy, on this day my dad and I play baseball on this mount 20yrs. ago. Some little girl remembers her mom teaching her to braid her own hair for the very first time, and she’s still learning how. Ha haha!!!
this is what Thanks Giving is all about. Laughing at the pass, and moving into your very own future. Celebrate while you can, love as hard as it hurts, and try again until you and I get it right.

Dr. Titus S McMillan, You Can Win Again.


The Power of Sight Perception…
When you look at an individual, have you notice that almost without fail, you have determined that person to be wealthy because of the car they drive or where they say they live.
Have you ever considered the hillbilly that drives around in the old pickup, and thought he’s just obnoxious. The psychology of perception is deceptive due to ideology and prejudices, leading thought astray. The Hillbilly owned the dealership, while the well dressed impressive guy is the service Manager working for the Hillbilly.

Never devalue a poorly painted picture, the true value just may be in the framing.

Dr. Titus S. McMillan


Until you find the courage to forgive, you will never find the strength to forget, the strong holds of the enemy will only cover up invisible layers of wounds that refuse to heal.
Dr. Titus S. McMillan