Two-session Personal and Confidential Mental Health Checkup

Valid 7/9/2015 through 8/8/2015

Before embarking on any therapy, it is fruitful to have an expert opinion as to where to begin; how you view yourself and how any expert sees you. You may/may not have consulted a highly trained and experienced mental health professional. You may be or have been in a prior therapy. You may have accessed therapy and are at an impasse. You may have insight and no behavioral change (same old patterns and unhappy with current life and work). You may be in an unfulfilling relationship and don’t understand why. You may have current and/or past losses that have not been mourned. You may be in a current life transition; e.g., divorce, work loss, death of a loved one, career change, etc. I will help you ascertain what you may need/want before wasting much time, money and energy.

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