The recovery movement talks about the importance of turning your will and life over to your Higher Power or God, “as we understood Him.” Louise Hay also voices a similar thought in her book, The Power Within You, “If we are willing to turn our lives over to this greater Power within us, the Power that loves and sustains us, we can create more loving and prosperous lives.” It both the recovery movement and the work of Louise Hay, our connection to God, Higher Power, Spirit, Source is vital to our health and well being as a human being.

For Louise Hay, to be connected to God, Source, Spirit or Higher Power requires that we learn to authentically love ourselves. When we start the process of learning to love the man or woman in the mirror we start to slowly get our connection back with that which created us, our Inner Power. To create this connection we also have to be willing to release the thoughts, beliefs and inner patterns in our lives that are creating the conditions in our life that we do not want and also keep us from being connected to our Source. This journey inside can be difficult work.

If we are not willing to do this inner work of releasing that which has keep us stuck in life and continue to pretend that we have turned our will and life over to God, our life will not transform. These individuals will speak of how spiritual they have become when in reality the dark, unhealthy inner part of them will still be running the show. This person’s pretense is much like an ego manic with the inferiority complex part of their mind still creating their experiences and trajectory of their life. Relapse and possible death are truly a probable almost certain future for these individuals.