You are powerful! Yes you are. How do you feel when you hear that? Do you agree, or do you tell yourself all the ways you are not powerful? I am speaking of personal power not physical power. Throughout our lives, we may have learned to doubt ourselves and this can lead us to feel powerless.

Why Personal Power is Important

Do you want to make your own decisions, or do you want to follow the path someone else wants for you? Do you have the authority, as your own person, to decide for yourself who you are and what you want? This is the defining moment of Personal Power. Owning your Personal Power is essential to living and creating your best life possible. Adapt a new way to be, live and lead your life. Imagine how you might feel by fully embracing your uniqueness, and how this will bring better results to your life.

Imagine stepping into your personal power. What would your life look like? What choices would you make?

Strategies to develop your Personal Power:

Practice unconditional acceptance of yourselfFind your interests, passions and do themCreate and utilize a supportive networkFind the positives of bad situationsDevelop self-disciplineDon’t put yourself downBe kind and caring to othersBe a healthy risk-takerCelebrate YOU!

Start to adjust your thinking and your lifestyle to your new vision of personal power. When you feel empowered, you realize nobody has the ability to control your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions and reactions or speech, except for YOU. What can you do today, this week, this month, this year, to get your life going in the direction you desire?

Believe in yourself…you can find your Personal Power. Just don’t give up!