Is your anger out of control? Is it negatively impacting your life?

Anger is a normal human emotion, however when it becomes uncontrolled it can have damaging consequences on your relationships and health. Uncontrolled anger can elevate blood pressure; increase the threat of heart disease, anxiety disorders, stroke, cancer and depression. Persons who manage their anger well have better relationships, better health, and more career success than those who manage their anger poorly. Therefore, learning to manage your anger can be challenging but you do have the ability to identify and process your anger in an appropriate manner.

Strategies to manage your anger:

• Relax and take a timeout- practice relaxation technique such as deep breathing, counting to 10, visualizing a relaxing scene.

• Communicate assertively and listen.

• Do something physical to have a healthy outlet for your anger.

• Respond instead of react- choose how to deal with anger; it is empowering to know you are in charge of your response, rather than being controlled by other circumstances or people.

• Problem solve.

• Use positive self-talk.

• Utilize stress management techniques.

• Practice forgiveness.

Learning to manage your anger takes practice, but when achieved the benefits are worth it. You do possess the ability to manage your anger in an appropriate manner. If you feel your anger is out of control consider counseling to learn how to handle it better.