Above all else, coaching is a conversation. A coaching relationship starts to develop when a client and coach engage in a conversation around their visions, goals, wants and desires.

You might wonder what makes talking with a life coach any different from having a conversation with a friend, family member, or co-worker. The magic of a coaching conversation is that topics and dynamic of the conversation would not take place within a client’s usual life.

The non- judgemental aspect of a coaching conversation is it gives the client an opportunity to think what they’ve not thought and to say what they know they’d never say. Coaching allows the client to express a goal that they have for themselves and a life coach guides them to the awareness of reality, what’s verifiable and what resources are available to them.

People seek coaching because they want to make a change and what holds most people back from changing is self-doubt, fear, distraction, or preoccupation. Coaching conversations help clients focus on what they want and increase their awareness, choice and trust in their ability to achieve their goal.

Clients bring to me their goals and desires, what they also bring are stories they tell themselves on why they haven’t made steps to achieve that goal or desire. As a coach, it is my job to figure out how tightly bound my client is to the idea that these stories are the truth and to help my client understand that they produced the stories, so they and only they have the power to create them.