Most people delaying doing chores or anything unpleasant, because it isn’t fun. Next time you are resistant to exercise, chores or paid work consider the following.

  1. What do you gain my putting off the task? Hint Usually you may incur more stress, if there is a deadline.
  2. Who is being hurt by your delayed action?  Hint Dog may defecate inside. A spouse may be grumpy and kids may be disappointed.
  3. How will you feel after it is done? Hint  After a task is completed you may feel mad, sad or glad.
  4. What motivates you? Hint Ask you partner how she tricks you into doing things or consider what worked, when you were younger.

Considering people are living longer and longer, putting off exercise may be the worst habit. But until you learn to start exercising, eating right or improving your usage of time; what headaches do you have? Wouldn’t fewer fights, fewer prescriptions or wearing looser pants be worth your efforts?

If you have wondered what motivates you to action or how others’ views of you may change if you acted differently then therapy is for you. Doing right for your health or a group will usually alter a dynamic. If you got any questions  about not doing what’s expected of you, come talk to me. 

It is a new year. Changing habits may be painful and frustration. But new year’s resolutions are the best gift you can give yourself and your relationships.

Come talk to me.