“I used to love running, but I gave it up when my depression got too bad.”. Such a sad statement, and one I hear often from psychotherapy clients: its often just at the moment #fitness would do someone the most good that its most difficult to start or continue. Fitness really does boost your mood and raise mental health, but if you are depressed, you may not have the energy, if you are anxious, it can feel like just one more thing to worry about or you may fear being judged by other people at the gym. I combine fitness with #psychotherapy in my work as I am a therapist and a fitness instructor: I help people uncover the psychological barriers which prevent them from exercising, the negative thoughts, doubts and memories which get in the way, so that they are able to begin a programme they are comfortable with and start to feel the benefits of getting fitter for their mental health and wellbeing. Please get in touch if you would like to find out how #TherapeuticFitness could help you: outdoor fitness sessions in green spaces around East London: Mind & Body…..