When considering hiring a therapist to help you resolve your problems here are some tips on selecting one.  HOw do you want to pay? Are you ready for your insurance to request your records? If you want increased privacy you may want to pay cash. Consider what you can afford. Is therapy on a short term basis more valuable than a manicure or a Friday night evening movie?

How long do you want to be in therapy? Again you may need a few sessions and have insight into what makes life better or improves her mood. One sessions doesn’t commit  you for years. Ask the clinician lots of questions over the phone or in the first session. With me I prefer being interrogated on the phone, as I don’t give free consults

A first impression can be very powerful. Someone may sound terribly harsh or demanding over the phone. YOu may not want to text the person that you talked to. Not following up is a mistake. The first impression is  incomplete in a five minute phone conversation. For more info to make a sound decision sharing an email address to exchange info is helpful. Wouldn’t you rather do some research based on info that the therapist offers before meeting your healthcare provider in person? I would, if I had a choice.

We are all in a hurry expecting a quick fix, a quick answer and tons of validation in a five minute phone call. Finding a health care provider doesn’t happen quickly. The time spent sending an email to get more details that you can read on your own may be the first step in a long term relationship. Unless you have time to go to multiple one-time visits with a doctor or a therapist; asking tons of questions or answering a provider’s text or email may save you TIME, money and frustration.

Want to know if you may have found a good fit like a good pair of shoes? Ask questions and when the provider asks for your email address to send you more detailed info: then ACCEPT, send an email or look him or her up online.

If you are reading this you have already taken a very important step.

Come talk to me.