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Barling, Arkansas therapist: Valley Behavioral Health, treatment center
Suicidal Thoughts

Valley Behavioral Health

Treatment Center
At Valley Behavioral Health in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we will not judge you for suicidal ideation. We are going to work with you to make certain you recover from having thoughts of ending your life. Throughout our assessment process, we’ll diagnose and begin rehab for any mental health disorders that may have caused you to feel suicidal.  
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Nashville, Tennessee therapist: PSYCHe, PLLC, psychologist
Suicidal Thoughts


Psychologist, PhD, LPC, PsyD, MSW, Marriage and Family Counselor, LCSW
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) was one of the first therapies to treat highly suicidal individuals on an outpatient basis. Because DBT considers suicide as the solution, not the actual problem itself, DBT therapists are focused on identifying the actual problems in order to assist with different, tangible solutions. Not only that, but DBT therapists are able to speak frankly about death instead of tiptoeing around it, treating patients with respect rather than patronizing with whispery tones and “concerned” looks. Within DBT, no person is treated as “fragile” and though the situation may be serious, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  
9 Years Experience
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania therapist: Amy Mezulis | Joon Care, psychologist
Suicidal Thoughts

Amy Mezulis | Joon Care

Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Our team is here for you and your loved ones. Please reach out if you have a question about you or a friend or a family member's mental health. If you or your loved one is in immediate danger, please call 911.  
23 Years Experience
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Hot Springs Village, Arkansas therapist: Chanda Christine DeYoung, hypnotherapist
Suicidal Thoughts

Chanda Christine DeYoung

Hypnotherapist, M.Ed., CLC, CHt.
You don't have to suffer alone. You are very special and unique and with hypnotherapy I can help you find peace and comfort to allow yourself to be more at ease with yourself and let go of the suffering you feel. Hypnotherapy is a very gentle and safe therapy that allows you to enter a relaxed state and open you subconscious mind and discover the thoughts that are creating your mental distress. Your suffering is real, but it doesn't have to keep hurting you. You can let it go and finally feel free to live a life of joy again.  
3 Years Experience
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Washington, District of Columbia therapist: Bold Expressions Therapy, psychologist
Suicidal Thoughts

Bold Expressions Therapy

Psychologist, Psy.D.
I believe that many people have had, at some point, suicidal thoughts due to societal pressures. Each person is different in their thoughts, beliefs, and desires. I do not believe in the desire to keep someone alive for the sake of life alone, but rather that it is my job to help someone cultivate a live a life worth living without judgement.  
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