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Christina Francisco Counseling, LCPC

Counselor/Therapist, MA, NCC
As a life coach and therapist I work with clients of all ages who are in need of more support throughout their lives and are ready to tackle daily life stressors or underlying and suppressed traumas that are bubbling up to the surface. I am ready to support you on your journey to Wholeness-Are You Ready?! I can help you become your best self! I am a life coach & holistic and integrative therapist, meaning I am able to utilize meditation and mindfulness to meet clients where they are at in their therapeutic process. I integrate therapeutic techniques from CBT, DBT, BSFT, strengths based, gestalt and many more in order to fit the specific needs of the client. I value each individual client and look forward to building a therapeutic relationship to help each one become their best self. I am warm and welcoming and will go at your pace, with slight challenging to get you to work through difficult things when ready. Are you ready to become your best self?! Let's get started on this journey to Wholeness together!  
7 Years Experience
In-Person in Crystal Lake, IL 60012
Online in Illinois

Mr. Edward Groenendal

Counselor/Therapist, MA, LCPC
Part of the healing process is being listened to and understood. I help you see more clearly what has been happening and what that may mean for you, providing a safe environment where thoughts and feelings can be explored and understood. Together, we work to help you move from wherever you're stuck.  
25 Years Experience
In-Person in Crystal Lake, IL 60014

The Juniper Center

You just want to feel better. Or maybe you are looking for help for someone you love. Maybe you are sick of the arguing, tired of feeling depressed & spent, wanting to get rid of anxiety, panic, worry, needing to stop a behavior that is getting in the way, like drinking, drugs. We are here to help.  
33 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL

Dr. Mitchell Hicks

Psychologist, PhD, ABPP
Are you feeling depressed or anxious? Are your life and relationships unfulfilling? Can't let go of past hurts? Using sex or the internet to avoid others or painful emotions? Nothing gets better no matter what you try? Maybe it's time for a change!  
26 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL
Online in Illinois

Dr. Amr Kireem

Psychologist, PsyD/LCPC
If you are trying to make positive changes in your life by reducing or eliminating anxiety, depression, substance and addictive behaviors, or perhaps having a fulfilling relationship, I believe we can accomplish this together. The status quo could be changed and you can achieve what you thought it’s not possible. Don’t let your irrational beliefs about yourself dictate your life. Give yourself the chance you deserve. I will be by your side throughout your journey.  
15 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL
Online in Illinois

Catherine Papagiorgio

Licensed Professional Counselor, NCC LCPC CADC
I am a caring and compassionate therapist with over 20 years of experience providing counseling and support to individuals, couples and families. I have found that many times people need a safe environment where they can begin to explore and work through painful and or difficult issues . It is amazing to see the positive changes that can occur when there is time for reflection, understanding and clarity. I have worked with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues. and I am here to share my knowledge and assist you in your journey and reaching your goals.  
22 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL

Paul Sather

Psychologist, PhD
I work with people to help them be the best version of their Self. Whether we are working on anxiety, depression, relationship problems, addiction, spiritual issues, grief or trauma, etc, We usually begin with the initial phase of getting through the issue that got them through the door of my office. After that we work on the underlying issues that contributed to the struggles they are having. I focus on developing the skills of emotional management so that a person's emotions are coloring their life rather than running their life. We look at habitual patterns of interpreting their circumstances and familiar bodily states that are keeping them stuck. We concentrate on getting control of the things they can control and letting go of those they cannot control. We also address the habits of their internal critic and the ways they respond to those judgements with the goal of developing a peaceful life that is resilient to the difficulties that may come in the future.  
35 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL
Online in Illinois

Karen Bridwell, LCPC

Counselor/Therapist, L.C.P.C.
Karen Bridwell, LCPC, approaches each persons unique story from a nonjudgmental position, as she seeks to understand their perspective in an effort to help them overcome the challenges that are keeping them from moving forward in life.  
12 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL
Online in Illinois

Dr. David Hanson

Psychologist, Psy.D.
I am a compassionate and perceptive listener who in the course of a professional relationship strives to facilitate efficient and satisfying progress toward the personal goals of each client. I attempt to facilitate personal exploration and understanding while encouraging independence and strength.  
23 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL
Online in Illinois

Paul McNulty

Therapist, LCSW
I believe individuals have within themselves the strengths and resources necessary to overcome their obstacles and grow into maturity. It is my commitment to provide excellence in care to help individuals and families access their strengths and move forward in their individual journeys.  
34 Years Experience
In-Person Near Crystal Lake, IL