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Chatham, New Jersey therapist: William Christiana, psychologist

William Christiana

Psychologist, PsyD
I am a licensed psychologist in New Jersey and New York. I have specialized training in the assessment and treatment of mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders. I strive to create a safe, supportive, and collaborative partnership with my patients, viewing this as the foundation for our work together. I strongly believe that all people are capable of positive change and see psychotherapy as vehicle in that process, helping to foster introspection, self-awareness, compassion, and personal growth.  
9 Years Experience
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania therapist: Dr. Walter J. Matweychuk, psychologist

Dr. Walter J. Matweychuk

Psychologist, Ph.D.
Therapy is an investment. Much is at stake. Is it your career, your marriage or your life? Not all therapists are equally skilled. I want you to know my expertise & how I will help you before you see me. Listen to my free audio at REBTDoctor.com I have practiced for 31 years.  
33 Years Experience
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 therapist: Joseph S. Weiss, PhD, psychologist

Joseph S. Weiss, PhD

Psychologist, PhD
Is anxiety, whether chronic or situational, hindering your ability to live a life free from fear? Do you struggle to silence or control the relentless, illogical thoughts that dominate your mind, triggering fearful responses and creating discomfort throughout your body? Maybe anxiety has disrupted your sleep, changed your eating patterns, or led to unsettling physical symptoms like heart palpitations, pain, or excessive sweating. The experience of anxiety can feel like being trapped under turbulent water. Anxiety disorders can manifest in various ways. Regardless of how it's affecting you, the positive news is that with the right anxiety treatment, strategies, and coaching, it's possible to alleviate, manage, and eventually overcome anxiety and the fear it brings. If anxiety is preventing you from doing the things you want or need to do, seeking treatment for anxiety could be crucial for your well-being, providing significant relief. Contact me for a free introductory consultation.  
22 Years Experience
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