Therapy Group For Kids Ages 11 To 13


Why kids keep coming to group therapy:

  • Improve confidence and communication skills.
  • Learn ways productive ways to address challenges.
  • Increase self-esteem and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to develop healthy friendships.


How to register for the therapy group:

The group starts June 4th and runs for 4 weeks. We meet every Saturday from 2 to 3 PM. You must register first to join the group. The group fee is $50.00 per session.  All participants must complete registration prior to showing up. Please contact [email protected] to register.


As a therapist that works with kids, I tell parents that the benefits of group therapy start with a spike in energy. Kids experience a change in mood that aids them in learning about their mental health difficulties and building coping skills to live the life that each desires.


The kid’s therapy group is for kids ages 11 to 13 years old. As the group counselor, I find it important that those in the group are able to relate to and feel comfortable with each other. This often leads to relationships being built and a stronger interest in the therapy group.

2 Key Benefits Of Group Therapy For Kids


1. Group therapy builds confidence:

Often people enter group therapy with a feeling of being alone in their struggle. For instance, feeling that you are the only person that is struggling with negative thoughts. Group therapy helps people build strong connections and relationships. You are able to acknowledge that you are not alone and in a constructive space where you are supported. Over time self-confidence begins to improve.


2. Building healthy boundaries with group therapy 

I like to think about boundaries as the fence to your yard and what you decide to let in. Often people struggle with saying no and building healthy relationships. Group therapy helps because it teaches you how to implement boundaries in your life.

Sessions focus on providing clear examples of what boundaries are and how to implement them in your life. With boundaries, the group teaches individuals how to manage emotions in a manner that connects to respecting personal needs, being respectful of personal needs, learning what empathy is and how to utilize it in life.