Ever imagined how marriage would be without romance, as lifeless as a lotus without mud. For people who say money matters the most, I ask what would you do in a marriage where you have endless money but, not happiness. Now, talking about what can help ignite your inner romance, the answer is your bedroom. Yes, your bedroom is no less than a romantic retreat all you need to is just turn it into one. The blog further unravels a few helpful tips in helping you make your bedroom a powerhouse of romance.


  1. Make Necessary Changes to Your Room

According to couples counseling therapy in Rye NY, fixing the bedroom isn’t the priority for most of the couples. However, couples need to realize that the bedroom needs to get fixed now and then as it is the very own thing responsible for igniting the feelings between you and your spouse. Don’t think twice if you discover the need for getting your room updated, even a normal cosmetic change can make swift changes instantly. Also, your room’s ambiance too matters a lot, thus, if you find the need to change the vibe of your room, do it right away.


  1. Set Margins with Kids

Making your kids sleep with you is certainly one of those reasons why your marriage isn’t going well. Since your bedroom is the only space after a hectic day where you can get close to your mate, if you still involve kids in it, it is sure to hamper your personal life. At first, they will deny, cry and plead to hop on your bed but, you don’t have to melt down as if you do things will never change and you have to deal with an unromantic life forever. Instead, teach them why it’s important to maintain privacy and keep doing it until they stop crawling on to your bed.

  1. Be Heedful of Your Movements in the Bedroom

Just how actions speak louder than words, your movements in the bedroom too affect your marriage. For instance, if you bring all the office work to your personal space, your bedroom is more likely to become a workplace and not what your relationship wants. However, you can be prepared for the situations and not carry such work to your bed by being mindful of the activities that might end up ruining your beautiful relationship. The best you can do to overcome this situation is, give your entire time to your soulmate and, let them know how much you love them.

  1. Keep Your Pets at Bay

For once your kids can manage not coming to your bed and respect your privacy but, how do you teach your pet the same thing? On the other hand, some people might find this fact shocking however, the truth is taking your pet to the bedroom can lead to distances in your personal life. Thus, experts of counseling and therapy for couples in Rye, NY says to set boundaries between you and your bed during the bedtime. Even if you can’t do that or aren’t able to resist yourself from cuddling with them, the least you can do is make their bed on the floor and make them used to the habit of staying on the floor.


In a nutshell, it’s just your sleeping space that’s shareable with your spouse and, where you can improve your marriage efficiency. Thus, it is essential to make note of these points and watch your relationship with your mate refresh once again.