Ways To Overcome The Fear of Rejection

  • Have You Ever Experienced Hurt?
  • Do you shy away from experiences that make you feel like you are not good enough?
  • Do you struggle to move forward after being hurt?

The fear of rejection is a true fear. It’s one that you cannot shy away from because if you do, then of course you know that it’ll continue to show its ugly face. The fear of rejection can often leave you feeling lost, disconnected, and not ready to move forward.


Here Is How To Overcome Rejection:

1. Validate your feelings.

One of my favorite mental health strategies to utilize is validation. This is the beautiful practice of knowing that what you feel is legit. It’s true and deserves to be honored. I think one of the worst feelings is that found in sharing an experience and someone telling you that it’s not true.

As if it’s their job to know what you are supposed to feel or not.

From me to you, give yourself space to validate what you feel and you’ll start to overcome the fear of rejection.

Working with a counselor is a fantastic first step in learning how to validate your feelings and overcome the fear of rejection. Click here to schedule an appointment.