What is Spiritual Therapy?

It all begins with a feeling of being ready to change and welcome new possibilities. Maybe you want to get to the bottom of why you end up unhealthy relationships or a part of you feels unhappy and unfulfilled. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more but you are feeling stuck. Or maybe you just want to understand yourself better and build a healthier relationship with yourself.

Spiritual therapy can support you by getting your mind and emotions on the same page as what you want in your life alongside your heart and soul.

It involves going through the processes required to get who you clear on what you want and transforming any beliefs, stories and emotions that may be keeping you stuck. All of this is done within your personal spiritual framework. This means your deepest spiritual values are placed in the centre and we will co-create with your spirituality to ensure your mind and emotions get on the same page as your heart, spirit and soul.

Spiritual therapy takes into consideration the aspects of the self which are beyond the stories, the words and the mind. It takes into consideration what your heart and soul longs for . We then collaborate to honour your dreams coming true.


Is Spiritual Therapy right for me?

Spiritual therapy can benefit you if you have a willingness and readiness to look within and understand yourself better . I am here to connect with you and to help you connect more deeply with yourself. It is a very empowering journey to find the answers from within. Maybe you’re just beginning your spiritual journey, maybe you’re hoping to reclaim your power, or maybe you’re seeking healing or deeper guidance on a present situation. Spiritual therapy can support you in looking beyond your mind as you connect to your spirituality and body.

If you value Spirituality or are open and curious to exploring what it means and looks like to you , this is the perfect place for you to explore safely.

We will only go as far as you feel comfortable and safe to go. Before attending a session you will fill out an application which will allow me to set up and prepare a session for you that will help you advance from where you are at.

In general ,therapy could be for the purpose of transforming painful emotions , moving through stressful situations or to simply understand who you are and get clear on what you want in life. The main difference between a conventional counselling session and spiritual therapy is that we do not focus on talk therapy. Other holistic healing modalities are incorporated which include:

  • Meditation

  • Psychosomatic therapy

  • Subconscious Reprogramming Techniques

  • Energy work

  • Kinesiology

You will witness your inner healer and start learning how to become your own healing practitioner.


Ready to explore the potentially of Spiritual Therapy or wanting some free spiritual and psychological insights on your current situation?

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In your honour and service,

Susan Vu