Anxious. Angry. Avoidant.

These predictable reactions are the way you keep responding to challenges and relationships – yet − you still struggle to make complete sense of why you do it. It impacts your family relationships, your love life, and worst of all − your own well-being. You continue to feel mischaracterized by others and often find yourself wallowing in your own negative self-perceptions.

These perceptions may have originated from:

-Your parents who never truly appreciated you for who you are or rarely validated your feelings.

-Social rejection in school or self-consciousness due to an underlying learning disability.

-An unfaithful partner who made you feel inadequate.

-A traumatic experience that you still haven’t fully processed.

There is much more to you than the present moment may reflect. You are incredibly rich with experiences and emotions that move you, but these feelings remain vague and nameless. This lack of clarity makes you feel lost and stuck in unhelpful thought patterns. You want to break free, to feel better understood by others, and more importantly, to perceive and understand yourself more favorably.

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