The answer is two-fold. Well, actually, it has layers. If one looks at life as a series of lessons to be learned, the outcome of situations will determine either a success or a failure. This person’s dreams, healthy relationships and goals may seem unattainable. I view life as a journey. journeys are adventures and opportunities for growth. Affirmations are important to our growth. The manner in which we speak to ourselves dictates our outlook. For example, a child who is positively affirmed from birth, will not be swayed by those who attempt to discourage them. Why is that? because what has been spoken into their spirit is positive. However, a child who is fed negativity from birth, will produce the opposite effect. It is harder to convince a child they are worthy if they are fed a stream of negativity. Many of us can relate to that child and view ourselves as failures. we Tell ourselves we will never achieve the goals we set. Many of us may not attempt to dream. Failure is not an option. A bad grade on an exam in school does not equate to who you are as an individual. It is motivation to learn more. If you make a misstep in a presentation at work, it is not the end of the world. it means more research is needed to make improvements on the next one. we are all striving to be better. Presumed failures do not mean it is the end…it means we are still learning. never cease learning, no matter how old we become, Learning is a continual process. Relationships that do not succeed, do not equate to never finding the right one. Sometimes we have to find out what we are truly seeking in relationships and determine when we have found “The One”. Keep going when you feel as though you have failed. Restructure your self-talk and encourage yourself. You are powerful and the world needs you to…Never Give Up.