Throughout our lives, we develop limiting and unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, habits, and ways of “being” in the world that become stored in our unconscious minds. These negative thoughts often result in self-sabotage and an inability to achieve our goals or break destructive/unhealthy habits.


Clinical hypnotherapy serves to by-pass the conscious mind and speak directly to the unconscious, which is where these self defeating beliefs live.


Hypnosis is, basically, a natural “state of being” that we all experience on a daily basis.  Have you ever driven to and arrived at your destination and then realized you were not aware of the journey? Or become engrossed in a television show, film, or book? How about the time just as you drop off to sleep or are just waking? These are all states of altered attention and heightened focus, which allows our minds to become unaware of things around us and focus in on something important to us in that moment.  During this state, called “trance”, our conscious mind is by-passed, allowing the therapist to access the unconscious mind in order to achieve the therapeutic goal/s that have been fully discussed and agreed upon between therapist and client in a pre-hypnosis session.


Clinical Hypnotherapists are specially trained professionals who utilize this natural state of “trance” to facilitate and partner with you to achieve your stated goal or outcome.  At NO time is the client “out of control” or “at the mercy of” the therapist.  Hypnosis is, and can be, a powerful tool and aid in learning relaxation techniques, in breaking old habits and achieving inner peace.  By also learning self-hypnosis, the client is able to take these tools with them for future use!