Is working from home all you thought it would be?

Not being stuck in traffic, the long commute to & from work, Maybe an extra half hour in bed in the mornings. It all sounds like heaven. But what is it really like in these trying & anxious times of the Covid19 Pandemic?

Is it beginning to be a bit of a challenge? Hard to keep the spirits up? Is cabin fever slowly creeping in? Are you waving bye-bye to your sanity?

Working remotely comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind

Establish a routine. Schedule your working hours & your breaks as if you were at your place of work. Do not let your working hours eat into your personal life. This is all too easy to do.

As working remotely will be a part of our lives for some time it is important to have a “workspace” . This will mentally delineate office from home. If tight on space & have to use the kitchen table, clear away all signs of work at end of working day. Dress in a manner for you that will yield productivity. Lounging around in your pj’s may not do it for you.If you usually take a break for a coffee or to stretch your legs do so.

Check in with colleagues/managers. Communication can be challenging when working remotely. With family it may be necessary to set boundaries around working hours. You do not want to hear the howl of children in the middle of your conference call. Wear noise-cancelling headphones to cancel out noise if necessary

It is important to switch your mind off work when your work day is finished. Listen to your favourite music, spend quality time with family, exercise . Do whatever helps you relax & detox from work. Managing your self-care in essential.

Embrace this knew way of living if just for a little while. It may give you a chance to take stock of your life & see whats important. Whatever it does, stay safe & remember you are not alone as we attempt to stay sane & well in these unpredictable & challenging times