It is important for us to acknowledge that we do have the power to change, to transform, to heal our life. We need to know this and to stay present of this fact. We have a tendency to think and feel that we are helpless at times, that we are even a victim of other people, places and things but we are not, never have been and never will be.

The power that we have exists in our mind, in our thinking, in the thoughts and beliefs that we have, in the thoughts that we are responsible for and have chosen to create and generate from moment to moment. Part of our work is to stay present to and aware of our power and consciously use this power to transform, to heal our life.

The power that we consciously have and can access exists in each and every thought that you think and in each and every word that you speak into existence. Choose to create thoughts and speak words that empower you, that make you feel good. Choose to practice having, thinking and saying positive feeling thoughts and words.