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Ashburn Psychological ServicesPsychiatrist
THE MEN'S CENTRE - TORONTOClinical Social Work/TherapistToronto, ON
Ms Karen DeClerkLicensed Professional CounselorBoulder, CO
Catherine A. BoyerTherapistNew York City, NY
Counseling Network, Inc.Counselor/TherapistCoral Gables, FL

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    • Wormhole Named Desire – YouTube - #10
    • 17. Reflection:Think of a time you were mystified by someone’s behavior (or by your own)?• What did you do?• Looking ahead, were a similar situation to occur, what else could be done? Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):“The...

    • Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #6
    • 11. Reflection:What continues to influence you, long past its occurrence? Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):“The self-cobbled Humpty hobbles between The Above and The Below like a nomad.” Comment:Above symbolizes “Present...

    • Controlling Anxiety
    • Controlling Anxiety Our lives are getting busier and more demanding and each of us has experienced anxiety at one point, to a greater or lesser degree. For some of us anxiety is circumstance-specific, for example, before a public speaking...

    • Tears...and The Soul
    • I might find myself in tears. I wrote these words to a friend recently, anticipating a hurtful experience with someone I know. I was poking fun at myself, making fun of my propensity to cry, a trait I am at times proud of and at other times would...

    • Spiritual Psychotherapy for Depression
    • Spiritual psychotherapy is an approach to psychotherapy that recognizes that we are more than meets the eye. A spiritual psychotherapist sees someone as existing on many planes of awareness at once. We see our clients as the physical person before...

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