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Melissa Morgan TangLife CoachSan Francisco, CA
Carol L KelleyMarriage and Family TherapistVancouver, WA
Dr. Carey A. HellerPsychologistBethesda, MD
Jeff KislingMarriage and Family TherapistLos Altos, CA
Richard CookMarriage and Family TherapistReno, NV

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    • Wormhole Named Desire – YouTube - #11
    • 18. Reflection:Think of a time when someone said, “You’re too ______________”.Think of the person pointing a finger and the recipient of the accusation.• What was going on for each?• What would have been needed for...

    • Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #7
    • 13. Reflection:How have you seen beliefs be a source of strength and when have they inhibited successful adaptation? Wormhole Named Desire (YouTube):“The Cave is where beliefs filter experience and provide comfort like a blanket that keeps...

    • Unexpected results
    • What amazes most about hypnotherapy is that results can be positive in unexpected ways. Recently, I worked with 3 of my clients on issues ranging from self-confidence when speaking a new language, to reconnecting with their higher self to helping...

    • Holiday stress and some simple steps to have a better holiday
    • The holidays are a happy time for many people and families. For some it is an anxiety producing experience, filled with stressful decisions and anxiety producing situations. I have more than one client that finds the holiday season uncomfortable at...

    • Fall is a Time of Transition
    • Transitions can be difficult for many people with anxiety. Consistency and routine can help make us feel like we are more regulated emotionally and transitioning from the comfortable predictability of one season we have become accustomed to another...

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