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ANTHONY GAGLIARDOClinical Social Work/TherapistSalem, OR
Patti NequetteLicensed Professional CounselorSeattle, WA
Ms. Colette ConheadyTherapistOttawa, ON
A Better Life Counseling & Coaching, LLCLicensed Professional CounselorPeachtree City, GA
Dr. Joanne L. DoucettePsychologistProvidence, RI

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    • Wormhole Named Desire – YouTube - #9
    • 16. Reflection:• What comment have you heard that indicates avoidance or a closed mind as a form of self-protection?• Do you have an example of a short-sighted viewpoint that takes a lesson learned in the past and misapplies it to a...

    • Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #2
    • 4. Reflection: What is an example of slipping into a viewpoint that is not useful in a present circumstance? Comment:“Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” (1865) and “Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There”...

    • Wormhole Named Desire - YouTube - #4
    • 8. Reflection:Think of a past trauma, conflict or deprivation (big or small).• How does the experience change awareness of the present?• Is there greater sensitivity to something or desensitization to something else? Comment:The metaphor...

    • Holistic Therapy
    • A holisitic approach to therapy views the person as multidimensional, that is, having physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectional parts.  Healing occurs when these parts are recognized and balanced.   For example, a person may have...

    • Healing Grief and Loss
    • The object of grief and loss counseling is to discover the deeper meaning of the loss youhave experienced. First, let us take an example of losing someone whom you loved deeply and who was ultimately the most important person in your life. This...

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