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TherapyTribe: therapist directory, now offers websites tailored for therapists – free with membership.

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Customize your website as much or as little as you want! It’s easy and fun!



Our websites are not just free; they’re better.

  • Six stunning SEO-friendly website theme layouts.
  • Responsive designs for ideal display on all devices.
  • Content auto-generated based on members listing details.
  • Show off your expertise: add a blog or video.
  • The world’s most popular & user-friendly platform: WordPress.
  • Dozens of design schemes OR create a fully customized look.
  • Step-by-step instructions to get you published fast.

How it works…

#1 Sign up for our top-ranking therapist directory.

TherapyTribe provides mental health professionals with an affordable and unique listing service. Utilizing a variety of targeted search strategies and content optimization, TherapyTribe delivers relevant referrals to each member profile. List your practice for just $29.95 per month >

#2 Get your free website.

TherapyTribe offers free websites and hosting to its professional members. Based on their listing details, members can generate a website with the click of a button in their member account section. Then the fun begins – members can choose what they like from the content provided and preset design options, OR fully customize their website to suit their own professional style. Plus, we have designers on staff to help you achieve your goals.

Already have a website?

The free TherapyTribe website is optional. But if you’d like to stop over paying for your current website, transferring an existing website is as easy. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to get set up fast and transfer your website domain name.

Don’t have time? Hire us! For just $299 we’ll do all the work for you.

Our team of designers can transfer your content from an existing website or create a new one based on a simple questionnaire. Included in this service are custom imagery and logo design, marketing advice, and a review of your website for best practices in search engine optimization.

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Why pay for your website when you don’t have to? Here’s our story…

Once upon a time, we noticed many of our members were paying too much for outdated websites. We decided to fix that. We went to work and created better-looking, better-optimized websites, for no cost to our members.

Pretty cool, eh? Read what members are saying about making the switch to TherapyTribe websites for therapists:

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Questions? Review our FAQs. Or, send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

How can I get a free website for my therapy practice?

TherapyTribe offers a free website and hosting to its professional members. Members can instantly generate a professional website based on information found on their professional listing profile. From here, members choose from the content provided and preset design options or they can fully customize a website using simple and intuitive personalization tools. TherapyTribe also offers design assistance to members as desired. Read more website faqs.