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    The first step to recovery is admitting your challenge and understanding your symptoms. Knowing the state of your emotional health can help you better assess the right specialist for you. Once you examine your mental health or substance abuse concerns, TherapyTribe can help you find someone who can work with you in a comfortable setting.

    Houston has a very young and diverse population due, in part, to the academic institutions, global industries, and the port. The median income for a family is $40,000. With a young population and a lower median income, worries about family and money often come into play. Whether you’re looking for counseling for the entire family, just your children, or you need to tackle some issues involving behavior and ADHD, TherapyTribe can get you in touch with a caring specialist close to home.

    Houston and Harris County have taken a preventative step to try to get children and youth the mental health help they need before issues escalate. Mental Health America of Greater Houston recently released new school behavioral health recommendations to prioritize emotional and behavioral health for children. In Harris County, approximately 20 percent of children between 9 and 17 suffer from a mental illness or addictive disorder. If you think someone in your family is suffering from emotional health issues, TherapyTribe can help you find the assistance you need.

    Out of Houston’s 2.1 million people, over 88,000 of those are veterans. The City of Houston has an Office of Veteran’s Affairs, which strives to make Houston one of the best cities to live for vets. With affordable housing, good job opportunities in a number of fields, and extensive healthcare options, it’s no wonder that so many veterans call Houston home. Veterans have complex healthcare and mental health needs. Finding a therapist who specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and re-acclimation issues, including anger management, is important to ensuring veterans get the help and guidance they deserve.

    Mental health appointments are covered by many health insurance providers, so check with your therapist and insurance carrier when booking your appointment. You may be surprised how little out-of-pocket you’ll owe, if any.

    The specialists in TherapyTribe’s network can help create treatments specifically designed for you. Browse their bios, pictures, and blogs so that you can find the best therapist and method of treatment for you. Houston is well-known for its healthcare providers. The residents of this city are fortunate to have a large number of therapy specialists to choose from. TherapyTribe can help narrow down that search, so you can confidently choose the provider who’s right for you and get started on happier times.