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    Georgia has an overall population of 4.2 million people, 622,000 of those people in Atlanta are involved in some sort of illicit drug use, with cocaine being the most prevalent drug used. Of those using drugs, 8.3 percent have a substance abuse problem, and 5.6 percent of the population have experienced a major depressive episode in the past year. The mental health professionals in this city have the necessary experience to deal with these issues and others such as anxiety, grief counseling, and family affairs.

    There are many establishments in the Atlanta area working hard to educate and assist those in need such as the National Alliance of Mental Illness: Georgia and the Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. These organizations seek to provide treatment and support for various mental health issues being dealt with city-wide in Atlanta.

    For those seeking help with their personal issues, TherapyTribe has made the search easy. Simply search the therapist directory by location and keyword to focus your search results on a particular and area of concern.

    TherapyTribe also provides several resources that may help you to better identify, and understand what you’re going through as well as helpyou make a more informed decision about your care provider. Some of the most helpful topics to research for those living in Atlanta are anxiety, addiction, family services, and career counseling.

    Reading these article may give you a better understanding of what you’re feeling and experiencing. If you find that your symptoms are similar to something you have read, reach out to a local therapist for advice on how to get started. In addition, many of the therapists listed do take insurance, so check with your insurance provider to make sure that the person you choose is covered. You should also feel free to discuss insurance issues when you contact your selected therapist.

    TherapyTribe is a community of professionals who wish to share their knowledge and skill. Therapists from various fields and expertise participate in the blog to deliver useful information. If you or someone you know are looking for guidance, it maybe helpful to explore our many blog topics. They will simplify and explore topics like codependency, stress management for parents, and dealing with loss.

    If you are looking for a therapist or counselor in Atlanta, look through your options on TherapyTribe. You’ll find a sympathetic ear and a professional atmosphere that fits your needs and helps you cope with whatever you may be going through. You can choose from Psychiatrists and Psychologists to Hypnotherapists, Life Coaches, and Art Therapists. Each person will respond differently to certain approaches, so you can research the profiles of therapists who use these various methods, and discuss with them what would work best for you. Finding the right therapist is an important step toward taking good care of yourself.