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    The Kansas City drug scene is escalating. Last year police officers made the largest meth bust in the history of Kansas City. Heroin use is also on the rise among teenagers and adults in Kansas City. According to the 2010 Johnson County Report on Substance Abuse, many reported first trying alcohol at 13 and other substances at 14. Substance abuse and addiction affect people of all ages. Without treatment and counseling, relapses are common and can prove fatal.

    Kansas City has a network of mental health options suited to a variety of needs. These comprehensive services assist all age groups. In 2013, Kansas City expanded its program Mental Health First Aid, which works to “increase the public’s mental health literacy” for serving a growing population of people who need help. In addition to educating the population on mental health issues, it also provides the tools necessary to help recognize a problem and request help, as well as find the best course of action and care. Finding a therapist who is well-suited to your needs and can provide assistance and a course of action, is essential to recovery.

    According to the Archives of General Psychiatry, only 41% of the people with a mental disorder receive the help they need. Putting off services will delay recovery. Anxiety disorders can be hard to recognize at first. Because some anxiety is common, many people fail to recognize an anxiety condition until it becomes debilitating. Anxiety conditions include panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), specific phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). If you think you are suffering from any of these conditions, most of which respond well to treatment, find a therapist and seek the help you need.

    Turning to God for help with personal struggles is understandable, but prayer doesn’t have to exclude therapy. Christian counseling intertwines the power of faith and psychology in the healing process. For people with a strong basis in faith, finding a therapist who shares their convictions, and works within their belief system, makes the difference that helps them overcome their struggles with mental and emotional issues.

    Therapy doesn’t have to be costly, since many therapists accept health insurance. There are many plans on the market, so check with your therapist about which insurance providers the practice accepts when you contact the office to schedule an appointment. And for many, investing in their mental health today could save them from costly medical bills in the future from stress induced illness.

    Whether you struggle with anxiety disorders, addiction or any other mental health concerns, getting the help you need through a caring Kansas City therapist is essential to your recovery — search TherapyTribe directory today.