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    With over 800,000 residents, Austin is an exciting city that draws in a young crowd with its notable music and foodie scene. However, the influx of people has brought the unemployment rate to around 5 percent, and there are about 2,500 homeless people. Dealing with these issues can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction, with alcohol and amphetamines being the main substances abused in the Austin area. Nearly 20 percent of Texans deal with a mental health issue at some point in their lives, but there are plenty of local resources available for those who wish to seek help.

    There are several institutions like the Texas Health and Human Services Dept. and National Alliance on Mental Illness: Texas that offer education and support for those dealing with a mental illness in the Austin area. If you need more personalized attention that is tailored to your specific needs, TherapyTribe has made the search for answers quicker and more manageable.

    You can search for Austin professionals, see their pictures, and read their bios online before making a decision. Their bio will include what type of therapist they are, what they specialize in, and how many years of experience they have. With a hassle free selection process, our community strives to make overcoming your unique challenges as easy as possible.

    You can find a variety of treatment methods to choose from such as Art Therapy and Life Coaching, as well as the more familiar forms of therapy like Psychiatry and Counseling. Some people respond better to alternative forms of therapy to deal with their issues, so if this is something you’re interested in, you can find the right fit for you within our community. Always make sure that you feel comfortable with the form of treatment you choose, and know that you always have the option to change to another form if you begin to feel uncomfortable.

    Aside from being a great source for professionals, our community also provides a wealth of knowledge about topics that are important to Austin residents, like stress management, career counseling, depression, substance abuse and anxiety. If you’re still struggling with understanding your symptoms, these resources are a great way to help you get on the right path. Reading a therapist’s blog on topics like embracing love, the power of choice, and increasing happiness in your life, can really illuminate which therapist and method you gravitate toward most.

    Many therapists and modes of therapy accept insurance and are also covered by your insurance, so contact your health care provider to find out which forms of therapy are covered under your plan. You’re also welcome to discuss insurance and coverage with your therapist during your initial phone call.