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    Buffalo has an estimated population of 259,384 people. A high population leads to a broad spectrum of mental health needs in the city. While the city itself is urban, it is surrounded by a rural community. Many in the community deal with problems that require them to seek counseling for themselves or their families. For example, there are approximately 7,100 reports of domestic violence per year in the area. As anxiety and depression have become constants in the lives of many, the need for great mental health care has increased. Luckily, many mental health professionals are standing up to the call.

    If you believe you need help with any mental health issue, but aren’t sure about what steps to take, places such as the National Alliance on Mental Health have chapters by state that can provide information. There are many reasons you may decide it is time to seek therapy for yourself or someone else in your home. Stress, anxiety, and substance abuse are leading causes in the Buffalo area for therapy. The high percentage of unwanted teen pregnancies may also lead you to get counseling for yourself or a family member.

    If you have been through a tragedy or trauma, it is a good idea to seek therapy. If it has become difficult to get through everyday life without fears and overwhelming stress, seeing a therapist can put you on the path to wellness.

    Finding the right mental health professional is important. You need to make sure that you find someone who you are comfortable around. When you’re considering a new therapist, think about what type of people make you feel the most comfortable. Are you more at ease talking with a man or a woman? Are you interested in someone who will lead the discussion, or let you take the lead?

    Understanding your needs, and the approach of the therapist will help you find the right person quickly. It’s also important to understand that you can find a new therapist if the one you choose doesn’t fit your needs. In addition to finding someone who you are comfortable with, make sure that your mental health professional accepts your insurance, since not all insurance plans cover every therapist.

    Seeking a mental health professional is a step in the right direction if you are having difficulty coping with your everyday life. Whether you live in the city of Buffalo or in one of the surrounding areas, use the TherapyTribe community to find the right therapist or mental health professional to help you through any problem you are facing.