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    New Orleans is home to a diverse range of cultures. Nearly 10 percent of the population primarily speaks a language other than English, so many local therapists are bilingual or multilingual to help accommodate and eliminate the language barrier.

    Therapy works best when the patient and the counselor are completely open and honest with their desires for solutions. Many people may feel uncertain about therapy, but just about everyone can benefit from talking with a licensed counselor. Whether you struggle with feeling anxious or overwhelmed, can’t seem to maintain stable relationships with others in your life, or abuse substances when you feel like you are drowning, therapy can help.

    When you look for a therapist in the New Orleans area, use TherapyTribe’s easy-to-navigate therapist search function. You can select certain areas of expertise, such as relationship counseling, substance abuse, or emotional disorders. Then, it will give you a list of counselors with experience and knowledge about overcoming these specific problems. If you aren’t sure what area you want to focus on, there are also therapists who provide general counseling, to help patients learn more about themselves and how to open up in a safe environment.

    After Hurricane Katrina, many New Orleans residents were left with their homes in shambles. Some didn’t have family members or friends who could provide a solid support system. Now, they struggle with stress, fear, and concern about how they can return to daily life. These are symptoms of PTSD, where patients relive moments from a frightening experience. Therapists in New Orleans specialize in counseling and assistance with overcoming PTSD and coping with negative memories.

    Also, many therapists in New Orleans focus their practice on counseling children and adolescents. As children grow and develop, factors impact their self-esteem and emotional health. Speaking to a licensed therapist who understands the needs of children and teenagers can offer support and assistance to young adults.

    Some therapists have medical licenses and are able to prescribe medication in cases where it helps. Others take a more holistic approach, using self-actualization and meditation along with other methods to help patients visualize and reach their full potential. We often don’t recognize how we stand in the way of reaching our goals.

    Some health insurance plans include mental health services. If you don’t have coverage, New Orleans recently approved a charitable health fund that provides integrated mental health services in various clinics around the city. The goal of this initiative is to improve the overall health of the residents, so that each member of the community can have satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Search TherapyTribe for a qualified New Orleans therapist in your area.