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Aurora, Colorado therapist: Bee Still Grief & Loss Counseling, LLC., licensed professional counselor
Christian Counseling

Bee Still Grief & Loss Counseling, LLC.

Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor
Therapy is amazing, but if you are a Christian you also know the power of prayer and the usefulness of God's word in your life. Maybe you're even struggling in your relationship with God due to your mental health and would like to incorporate your spiritual life with your counseling. Either way, I enjoy helping clients do just this.  
8 Years Experience
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Waldorf, Maryland therapist: Cynthia Leslie, pastoral counselor/therapist
Christian Counseling

Cynthia Leslie

Pastoral Counselor/Therapist, MA, CPRS
A Biblical worldview is integrated into the counseling format.  
5 Years Experience
Online in New Orleans, Louisiana
Schriever, Louisiana therapist: Shawn Gautreaux, licensed professional counselor
Christian Counseling

Shawn Gautreaux

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC-S
Whenever possible I like to take a faith based approach to therapy. I believe results are best when all parts of a person are recognized: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  
23 Years Experience
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Columbus, Ohio therapist: Cook Counseling and Consulting Inc., counselor/therapist
Christian Counseling

Cook Counseling and Consulting Inc.

Counselor/Therapist, LISW-S
Christian counseling, also known as biblical counseling or Christian therapy, combines psychological and therapeutic techniques with Christian faith, principles, and teachings. It is administered by professionals in mental health who are also trained in Christian theology and ethics. Christian counseling seeks to assist individuals in addressing their emotional, psychological, and relational difficulties while incorporating their Christian beliefs and values into the therapeutic process. Christian counseling is not a substitute for traditional mental health therapy or medical treatment. Instead, it provides an additional option for those who wish to investigate their challenges within the Christian worldview. If you or someone you know is interested in Christian counseling, it is imperative to locate a qualified Christian counselor who shares your beliefs and can provide the necessary support and guidance.  
7 Years Experience
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Arlington, Virginia therapist: Brad Croyle, licensed professional counselor
Christian Counseling

Brad Croyle

Licensed Professional Counselor, MA. LPC
I work with clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship or family issues and I offer faith-based Christian therapy in addition to traditional therapy. During our sessions, we will collaborate to create a plan for addressing them that helps you resolve such issues in a meaningful manner to restore functioning enabling and empowering you to move beyond your past. I practice from a Holistic perspective and commonly employ EMDR and other effective modalities with helping clients achieve balance and purpose in their lives and creative solutions to their problems. This includes exploring past issues and trauma that may be a factor presently.  
26 Years Experience
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