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    Brisbane is the heavily populated capital of Queensland, Australia with a metropolis resident count of over two million. The continued economic growth of Brisbane has encouraged a rapid increase in population and tourism that has also increased the demand for mental health care in the Brisbane area. The community of therapy specialists found on TherapyTribe offer guidance and support Brisbane professionals and students need. To find a qualified Brisbane therapist that is right for you, search the profile pages and expert blogs below.

    Surrounded by natural attractions like the Whitsunday Islands, Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, Brisbane has a warm and mild climate, Brisbane offers the perfect setting for mental health care and treatment for depression.

    The city lifestyle of Brisbane can feel lonely to city-dwellers surrounded by strangers and tourists. Adults and children alike can suffer from this common illness and many do not seek help immediately. One in five women and one in eight men live with some form depression in Australia today, according to Brisbane’s Private Depression Management Clinic. Brisbane treatment centers and programs are available to help those suffering from major forms of depression.

    This urban lifestyle can place a heavy strain on the family. Queensland Health reports that depression is the most frequent mental health problem among children in Australia. Programs like the Family Mental Health Support Service (FMHSS) were established by the Australian government to help improve the health and mental well-being of children and families in Brisbane. Trained to work with parents, children, and the entire family dynamic, Brisbane offers some of the world’s most distinguished family therapists.

    Among families living in Brisbane, the refugee population has continued to grow with new residents looking for freedom and safety. Often, those coming from a difficult past or suffering from trauma experience post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This can affect both adults and children who are trying to deal with something they experienced or understand what they have gone through. Queensland Transcultural Mental health Service is one of the many other Brisbane programs dedicated to assisting with mental health and helping those who are trying to integrate into a new culture.

    The increasingly high competition levels of both white-collar and blue-collar industries in the city has amplified the number of professionals seeking therapy for work-related stress. From petroleum refining to paper mills on the lower Brisbane River, Brisbane offers a number of therapists who specialize in helping the needs of industrial workers, as well as those residents living near industrial factories in the inner suburbs. Experts working in fields ranging from biotechnology and scientific research to financial services are also among the many white-collar professionals seeking therapy in Brisbane. The strain of a career and the growing expectations of the professional field take a toll on the mind that mental health treatment and therapy can alleviate.

    Brisbane mental health professionals are available to help blue-collar, white-collar, young, or old in their search for good mental stability and well-being. For help with leading a happy and healthy lifestyle, learn about the services, coverage, and professionals available in your area.