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Lutwyche, Queensland therapist: North Brisbane Psychologists, psychologist

North Brisbane Psychologists

We have multiple Psychologists and Counsellors who specialise in relationships, including codependency issues or concerns. Find out more by calling 3726 5595 in office hours or at  
11 Years Experience
In-Person Near Brisbane, QLD
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Ramsgate, New South Wales therapist: Kristen Bayliss, psychologist

Kristen Bayliss

Psychologist, Registered Psychologist, BSc, MA
Codependent people can struggle with boundary setting, low self-esteem, abandonment issues, an excessive need to help others and a difficulty in asserting their own emotional needs. Research shows talk therapy can be effective in improving the quality of one's life and learning how to stop being codependent. We assist individuals to form healthy attachments and relationships.  
25 Years Experience
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Batemans Bay, New South Wales therapist: Daniel Martin, psychologist

Daniel Martin

Psychologist, Registered Psychologist, MAPS, MAAPi (AU), LPC (USA), NCC, CAIMHP
Addiction is a family disease. It doesn't only impact the one using the substance. Their loved ones also need support to deal with their experience of codependency & understand the recovery process.  
26 Years Experience
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Beechworth, Victoria therapist: Elizabeth-Brennan Holistic Soulscape, counselor/therapist

Elizabeth-Brennan Holistic Soulscape

Counsellor/Therapist, Holistic Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner/Healer
Supporting an understanding of codependency, its impacts and support for recovery. Especially, in instances of intimate partner and mother - daughter codependency.  
4 Years Experience
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Bundall, Queensland therapist: Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!, psychologist

Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!

Psychologist, AHPA, AASW.QCoss. Combined Degree: Psychology:Bachelor of Social Work: Bachelor of Social Sciences UQ/Qut
I provide all your counselling needs in terms of codependency, self esteem, and coping strategies to independence.  
26 Years Experience
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