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    Las Vegas has a number of programs that offer help in substance abuse and addiction. According to the CDC’s recent poll of Nevada teens and adults, prescription opiate drugs, alcohol, meth and cocaine use are on the rise in Las Vegas. Addiction is not about having the will power to stop using. People suffering from addiction have a disease that affects their ability to control and inhibit behavior. Seeking treatment with a qualified therapist is the only way to stop the cyclical behavior of usage, non-usage and relapse.

    Many times substance abuse and addiction camouflage other issues such as depression. In 2008, Las Vegas made the Journal of Social Science and Medicine as the “suicide capital of the world,” with suicide rates two times that of the rest of the country over a thirty-year period. Since the Nevada State Office of Suicide Prevention opened in 2005, rates have decreased. However, suicide is still a very real problem and those struggling with suicidal thoughts should seek counsel with a qualified professional. TherapyTribe can help you find the resources you need through its large community of specialists.

    With Las Vegas on the road to economic recovery, more money goes to the mental health community. Mental health is not a stand alone problem. Dr. Angelene Lawrence, former head psychiatrist at Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services, estimated 65-85% of the mental health issues in this area stem from drug-related problems. Getting help from a qualified therapist is essential, as that individual can help assess the cause of your problems and the connections they have to other areas in your life.

    Although the unemployment rate in Las Vegas is improving, many are still suffering from earlier setbacks. In December 2013, Las Vegas had an 8.9% unemployment rate, only slightly higher than the national 6.5%. But if you’re struggling with feelings of self-worth due to extended unemployment, it’s time you seek help. Unemployment can leave you feeling depressed and coping with issues of anxiety over finances. Feelings of inadequacy can also affect your personal relationships/marriage.

    Getting the help you need doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Many therapists file claims with your insurance company so the amount you pay out-of-pocket is minimal. Since insurance policies differ, check with the therapist and your health insurance company to ensure they accept your carrier and to figure out what the policy will cover.

    Las Vegas is an exciting town and one you’ll enjoy more if you seek help for your mental health and/or addiction struggles. TherapyTribe has a stable of well-qualified therapists ready to help you on the road to recovery so you can begin enjoying life again.