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Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Las Vegas Hypnosis Center, hypnotherapist

Las Vegas Hypnosis Center

Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach With Over 24 Years Experience.
Starting with myself, for over 24 years now I've been helping people, like you, overcome personal challenges from your past, learn & experience how to live passionately in the present, and ultimately discover and live your true purpose in life. Along with keeping busy with my private practice in Las Vegas, I also travel internationally as a trainer of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, and other Changework Modalities. Sign up for Your Free Hypnosis Discovery Session here: , or simply give me a call at 702-626-4901 where we will chat about your specific goals and how I can help.  
27 Years Experience
In-Person in Las Vegas, NV 89120
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Dr. Vicki D. Coleman (Dr. Vicki), The Anger Doctor, licensed professional counselor

Dr. Vicki D. Coleman (Dr. Vicki), The Anger Doctor

Licensed Professional Counselor, LCPC, LPCC, LPC, LMFT, LCSW, CCMHC, QMHP, MAC, DAC, SAP, CAMF, BCC, HS-BCP
The focus of my practice is to facilitate the client's self-concept and self-esteem. Issues include anger management; addictions; depression; sexual assault/domestic violence; PTSD; career counseling; and multicultural and diverse populations, among others.  
34 Years Experience
In-Person in Las Vegas, NV 89117
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Mindy Ash Hypnosis Centers in Las Vegas and Hypnosis in Henderson Nevada, hypnotherapist

Mindy Ash Hypnosis Centers in Las Vegas and Hypnosis in Henderson Nevada

Hypnotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, EQ Coach, Master Business Coach, Author
People from around the world have been coming to me since September of 2006 . I started with a hypnotherapy practice in Hawaii which I sold in 2014 and then I briefly had a hypnotherapy practice in Minnesota. I been seeing clients in Las Vegas and Henderson since 2015. In a study published in the American Health Magazine Hypnotherapy had a documented success rate of 93% in only 6 sessions compared to only a 38% success rate with Psychoanalysis at 600 sessions.When we use hypnosis as a method of making a change it makes that change happen quickly, easily and naturally. I've helped thousands of people make life altering, positive changes with hypnosis. Pick up the phone and call me now for your free phone consultation.  
18 Years Experience
In-Person in Las Vegas, NV 89169
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
North Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Jenny Ledesma, marriage and family therapist

Jenny Ledesma

Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT
Welcome to your healing path. Therapy can be challenging at times. You have probably been to therapy before; you might be considering seeing a new one or new to the therapy world. You might even feel nervous, unsure whether this will work, or concerned about what other people might say. I get you. I was once in that conflicting time where Life challenges introduced me to therapy. I've learned that therapy is not always straightforward. Coming from an Asian background with a stigma around mental health needs and expressing feelings and emotions is difficult. I understand you may find it hard to express yourself – when you stuff your feelings back inside because that's what you're used to doing. Through my therapy journey, I gained insights into my struggles, learned how opening up in a safe space helped, and ultimately created more meaning and satisfaction in my life. Now, I would like to help others and make a difference. Allow me to join you on your healing journey and grow to live a more meaningful life. You have the power to overcome life's challenges and make positive changes. Together, we can create a better version of you.  
12 Years Experience
In-Person Near Las Vegas, NV
Chandler, Arizona therapist: Dr. Rae Mazzei, psychologist

Dr. Rae Mazzei

Psychologist, PsyD, BCB
When your challenges and transitions become difficult, professional support can provide the greatest opportunities for learning and personal growth. Within a nurturing therapeutic environment, I will help you relieve emotional distress, increase insight, improve your well-being, and facilitate positive life changes. We will work together to heal your pain so you can live the life you desire.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada