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    Detroit, Michigan has some of the top mental health and addiction treatment services in the nation, including the Henry Ford Behavioral Health Services program, one the largest academic mental health programs in the world.

    Detroit is a young city, its median age hovering around 30. This younger set are also at the highest risk for the city’s leading mental health crisis: substance abuse and addiction. The Detroit Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality reports that the city exceeds the national average for substance-related emergency services visits by more than 25 percent, with the number of incidents growing every year since 2005. Though the largest number of emergency room visits involve patients between the ages of 45 and 54, the 18to 24 demographic have the highest percentage of ER visits.

    Pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs lead the city’s substance abuse and addiction problems, including the use of these substances in suicide attempts. As a result, Detroit’s mental health services community has put a significant amount of effort and research into better addiction and depression treatment methodology. Research centers like those through the Henry Ford Health System dedicate themselves to harm-reduction programs that have been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association, among other organizations.

    When you’re searching for the right therapist, consider how far you’re willing to travel and what kind of care environment you find the most helpful. Would you prefer to join a support group, or would you rather work one-on-one with a professional in his or her private practice? Do you have a specific issue, such as anxiety or chemical dependency that you wish to address, or do you feel that you would benefit more from general counsel? Searching by specialty and zip code will help you make a more informed choice about your mental health care professionals.

    Self-education is one of the most valuable tools you have in your search for the right therapist among Detroit’s extensive mental health professionals community. Take the time to learn important terminology and explore different approaches to common mental health issues such as depression, substance abuse and anxiety. This knowledge will create a solid foundation for your pursuit of care and help you communicate with mental health professionals.

    Mental health services are accessible for people of all levels of income and housing stability. Detroit-area therapists often offer free consultations to help you identify your mental health needs and the specialists who can address those needs. In addition, they will let you know what type of health insurance programs they accept.

    From emergency services to long-term mental healthcare and counseling, Detroit has many excellent resources for people of all ages and levels of need. TherapyTribe connects you with mental health experts who are eager to share the latest knowledge in their field so you can live a happier, healthier life, no matter what city you call home.