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    By visiting the Texas Department of State Health Services, you can get an idea for the health situation in Dallas. If you click on the CHS report on the health status of Dallas, you’ll find some interesting anomalies. Dallas shows higher levels of physical activity and exercise than other places in the United States (always an important factor in mental health), but also higher levels of obesity.

    They have lower levels of alcohol and drug abuse than the national average, but also a lower level of health coverage. However, when it comes to mental health depression, anxiety, bipolar, and ADHD top the list of issues in the city. Despite the amount of mental health issues in the city, the city boasts a far lower suicide rate than the national average.

    Dallas specializes in cognitive-behavior therapy techniques, as well as some focus on ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy). You’ll find many crossover and hybrid tactics used in this area. Many therapists base their motivation for helping in the Bible, yet incorporate holistic techniques and work on overall life improvement, rather than contracting their focus solely on your issue or disorder.

    Due to a high level of obesity in Dallas, you can find plenty of professionals who help deal with eating disorders as well. In addition, because of a high focus on status in the state of Texas, most therapists can help you deal with personal feelings involving shame.

    When looking for a therapist in Dallas, keep in mind their personality. People in Dallas have big personalities, and mental health professionals are no exception. A good therapist is usually somebody who really gels with their patient’s personality.

    This means that while one therapist may have helped your friend or family member, they might not work as well for you. That’s why many people go through different therapists. Thanks to our personal profiles and blogs, you can use TherapyTribe’s resources to get a good grip on each counselor’s personality.

    Dallas’ therapists have a good understanding of the common issues people in the city deal with every day. Make sure you find a therapist whose location doesn’t inconvenience you, otherwise it can discourage you from continuing therapy, even when it’s working. Also, make sure you choose a gender you’re comfortable with. If you don’t care either way, that’s fine, just make sure you are aware that you can always change therapists if you need. Consider your first appointment an evaluation, because they’ll understand if you don’t think it’s a good fit.