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    With a population of almost 1.5 million people, Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona. Phoenix also has one of the largest Native American populations. Many people in this area have been diagnosed as being bi-polar or manic-depressive according to the Arizona Health Survey special issue, April 2010.

    Phoenix’s large veteran and military family population also faces many mental challenges resulting from separation, the horrors of war, and the loss of loved ones. The 2010 Arizona Health Survey reports a high rate of drug abuse and mental health issues among new veterans. Roughly 20 percent of veterans of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars reported having more drinking days, compared to 5 percent of other vets and the general population. They also face many physical challenges as well. However, the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Division of Behavioral Health Services has many programs to help. Research also indicates that there is a high incidence of substance abuse affecting residents of this city.

    This city has a number of programs in place to help deal with the health issues of its residents which cater to all age groups, ethnic groups, and genders. These programs help to provide information as well as work with schools, clinics, hospitals, and other agencies to provide counseling and treatment to numerous patients annually. The TherapyTribe community of professionals is able to provide information and treatment options for Phoenix residents who need help.

    Generally a very warm location, Phoenix allows its population to spend much time outdoors. The area rarely has below zero temperatures; however, health statistics reveal a high incidence of obesity and diabetes among the population. These two conditions can result in depression. Many Phoenix residents can find professionals with the experience to treat many of the conditions through TherapyTribe.

    Insurance acceptance is also important to many patients as it helps them afford the cost of health care. Some mental health professionals provide information on insurance options that cover people with mental health issues. Insurance providers sometimes help with public awareness programs to help end misconceptions about mental health problems.

    Getting people back on their feet is important not only for them, but also for their communities. In Phoenix, there are private and public sector facilities which help people regain control of their lives, and to become happy, contributing members of society. One organization working with people living with mental illnesses in various cities in the state is the Arizona Department of Health Services’ Division of Behavioral Health Services. This Division provides program and services to people deal with substance abuse as well as other mental health issues.

    With its income and educated population, Phoenix has the resources to provide support to its citizens suffering from various mental health concerns. Quality of life is important to everyone. If you are a Phoenix resident looking for assistance, look to TherapyTribe’s community of therapy specialists. It is important to learn about mental health issues and know where you can find help if needed.