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Lifeline PCS

Counselor/Therapist, Dept of Health Outpatient Treatment Facility License
Lifeline is a team of counselors/therapists with the education and experience to help with most any issue that can bring a person to counseling. We offer a wide variety of programs and approaches that are designed for you. With our large team of providers we are able to find a good fit for you.  
18 Years Experience
In-Person in Phoenix, AZ 85028
Online in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona therapist: Noelle Espineli, licensed professional counselor

Noelle Espineli

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC
My years of academic and professional experience have allowed me to effectively work with a diverse client population of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and behavioral/mental health issues, especially those experiencing difficult life circumstances. I strive to help clients navigate situations related to burnout, existential crises, mindfulness, self-care, distress intolerance, interpersonal conflicts, life transitions, thinking disorders, and so much more.  
7 Years Experience
In-Person in Phoenix, AZ 85018
Online in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona therapist: Urim Recovery, LLC, therapist

Urim Recovery, LLC

Therapist, Certified Trauma Therapist, LCSW
My approach to healing is client-centered through an attachment-based perspective to help clients attain inner calm and a sense of control. I offer supportive counseling with a keen eye for pinpointing your self-defeating patterns, strengths and solutions. What's unique about my approach is my emphasis on in-between session support and activity that empowers individuals to implement what they learn in sessions in practical ways that address their real life stuck points and triggers. The aim is that you grow in resiliency and confidence to attain welcomed changes in your life. You are wired for healing and connection, and my job is to help you experience this. Key characteristics of my style include being genuine and direct with an emphasis on helping clients find purpose and emotional stability.  
10 Years Experience
In-Person in Phoenix, AZ 85020
Online in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona therapist: Dr. Dace Tapley, licensed professional counselor

Dr. Dace Tapley

Licensed Professional Counselor, DBH, MBA, LPC, NCC
White Tiger Counseling utilizes a strength-based recovery-focused approach to the therapy process to help build resilience and fortitude within the patient.  
15 Years Experience
In-Person in Phoenix, AZ 85012
Online in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona therapist: Amy Guido, licensed clinical social worker

Amy Guido

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
Being in relationship with others can uncover areas of strength as well as struggle.  If you grew up in a family that didn't do much self reflection, perspective taking, emotion coaching or repair making, you may feel at a bit of a loss with how to navigate relationship struggles in helpful ways. Perhaps you've vented to  friends and family to reduce the tension of the latest disagreement.  For most of us though, that doesn't get us the perspective and skills necessary to get unstuck or moving forward more productively.  I help people through targeted feedback and support to gain greater relational satisfaction and results.  Even if your partner or child won't attend, sometimes the power of one can make a huge difference. Perhaps today is a good day to take a risk and reach out to see if the change you seek is more attainable than you think. I bring a wholistic, curious, light-hearted, real and down to earth approach that takes into account your unique needs and goals. If you're ready to try something new and would like support please reach out for help.   While I don't accept insurance, I do have current openings.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  
20 Years Experience
In-Person in Phoenix, AZ
Online in Phoenix, Arizona
Tempe, Arizona therapist: Samantha Kingma, marriage and family therapist

Samantha Kingma

Marriage and Family Therapist, MS, LMFT
Feeling like you can never catch up, even though you never sit down? Lying awake at night thinking through all the things you said that day that were ‘awkward’ or ‘wrong’? Running late to everything even though you try your absolute best to be on time? Maybe something just feels off, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is - maybe you even say to yourself “this shouldn’t be this big of a deal”. And yet something is still keeping you stuck. Anxiety, OCD, perfectionism, and burnout can significantly impact the way your brain handles the stresses of day-to-day life. But there is hope – you don’t have to stay stuck. It is possible to feel like yourself again, and I'd love to talk to you about how you can get there. I provide specialized support for individuals and couples dealing with anxiety, OCD, trauma, and relationship difficulties. I will work with you to find the patterns in your life that may be causing problems and then collaborate with you to find new options and restorative solutions. You don’t have to walk through this difficulty alone, and I’d be honored to support you as you move toward healing. Visit my website or fill out the contact form to schedule a free phone consultation, and we can chat about what you’re looking for and whether I might be the right fit for you.  
11 Years Experience
In-Person Near Phoenix, AZ
Online in Phoenix, Arizona
Chandler, Arizona therapist: Kathy Anderson, marriage and family therapist

Kathy Anderson

Marriage and Family Therapist, MS, LAMFT
Intimate relationships can be so challenging to navigate. It's natural to feel discouraged or hopeless if you've been experiencing difficulties in your relationship for a while. I know that it can feel really intimidating to face your relationship issues together with your partner, let alone to ask for support from a therapist -- it's so vulnerable! I totally get it -- I've been there too. I'm a couple therapist who has gone through couple therapy, more than once! I understand how vulnerable even thinking about starting couple therapy can feel. Here's how I can help: I can offer a space for you and your partner to sort through your challenges with fair representation of both partners; I can coach you on how to communicate respectfully and effectively, as well as how to address the core issues that are causing you pain; I can help you find ways to connect with each other that are unique to your relationship, as well as attainable and effective long-term; I can help you to find options to issues that have felt like they have no solutions; ultimately, I can help you to build security in your relationship so that you feel confident in your agreements, connection, and purpose as a couple. Does this sound like it would be helpful for you? Good! Next step is to fill out my contact form to get in contact with me directly. Let's get you the support you need to feel secure in your relationship. :)  
5 Years Experience
In-Person Near Phoenix, AZ
Online in Phoenix, Arizona
Mesa, Arizona therapist: Jo Anna Sena, marriage and family therapist

Jo Anna Sena

Marriage and Family Therapist, LAC
Everyone needs care and support. I believe treatment is more successful when there is an openness and a willingness to work together and collaborate. You do not have to know where to begin but if we work together we can help you reach deeper levels of understanding and healing. Whether it is struggling with the stresses of life or life transitions I want you to feel supported and empowered to be bold in living your best life. I find effective practices that include focusing on the whole person, being present with you and helping you connect to your mind, body and emotions. Though I can assist you in a variety of ways, I find methods such as Gestalt and mindfulness based to be very useful in helping you better connect to yourself and make sense of what you are experiencing. Life is full of challenges and part of what makes life beautiful is our ability to see beyond the challenges and find the skills to make the human experience worthwhile. I would love to connect with you. I honor the sacred space you invite me into and I hope to build a collaborative partnership with you in a way that you feel the most supported.  
3 Years Experience
In-Person Near Phoenix, AZ
Online in Phoenix, Arizona