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    Due to the relative youth of the population (with an average age of 35), the mental health offerings in Jacksonville address all stages of life, from family counseling and substance abuse services to geriatric depression and all the needs in between.

    Drug abuse touches multiple generations and genders. For instance, drug and alcohol abuse among women has increased to the point where a local treatment center had to construct a children’s care center to keep children and their mothers in close contact while their mothers receive treatment.

    Addiction can sometimes mask the more deep-seated problems of depression, anxiety, or trauma, so it’s important to seek help for substance abuse, and the drivers behind it, for complete recovery. Jacksonville has a strong network of mental health providers and therapists to meet the growing needs of the population.

    Jacksonville has the third largest Navy facility outside of Virginia Beach and San Diego, so 14% of the city’s population is made up of veterans. The veteran population has complex care needs that includes many who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However, PTSD can also affect people who were in non-combat related, life-threatening, traumatic events.

    Jacksonville’s young population means there are many venues to help with family and school-related stresses. Among the youth, bullying is a serious concern. According to the U.S. Department of Justice and the National School Association of School Psychologists, a bullying incident occurs every 7 seconds. Mental Health America of Northeast Florida has created a Bullying Prevention Program to combat these issues in and around Jacksonville.

    If you’re unsure of how to reach out, think about you and your family’s specific needs. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

    • What kind of therapist or counselor would be most beneficial to you or your loved ones?
    • What is your goal for therapy and treatment?
    • What do you hope to gain and learn from your experience?

    TherapyTribe has a network of professionals who can help you, no matter what mental issue you are struggling with. Read therapist bios and blogs so that you can find the perfect therapist who will tailor a treatment to your specific needs. Always consider your comfort when choosing a therapist, and feel free to switch if you are uncomfortable with the therapist or treatment method.

    Many therapists accept health insurance, so treatment doesn’t have to be costly. Check with your insurance provider to see which professionals are covered under your plan. Additionally, evidence shows that psychotherapy can be a cost savings to you long-term, over the cost deteriorating mental health and stress can cause to your overall well-being.

    Every stage of life poses its own unique challenges. TherapyTribe helps you access Jacksonville’s network of therapy and mental health professionals. It offers easy searching on therapists and specialties. These professionals are well-suited to help those struggling with everything from PTSD and bullying issues to addiction and geriatric depression. Educating yourself about the available resources, and finding a therapist that can help you achieve mental health and balance in your life will benefit you and those you love.