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Trinity, Florida therapist: Brittany Jackson, licensed mental health counselor
Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Brittany Jackson

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC
You've been overwhelmed with trying to manage the stress and difficulty in your life. The relationship with yourself and others is not how you'd like it to be. You feel stuck! You strive to keep everyone around you happy while you're silently suffering with the disappointment of having no emotional support. You're known as "the strong one" to others yet you're barely keeping it together although you've been able to hide this well. But the energy that it takes to continue living this way is starting to weigh you down and you're very tired. You want change and you're willing to work toward this! Good news: you can and I'd be happy to help. I am passionate about working with motivated adults who struggle with people pleasing, perfectionism and setting boundaries with others.  
5 Years Experience
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Tampa, Florida therapist: Heidi Ison, licensed clinical social worker
Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Heidi Ison

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MSW, LCSW, QSP, BCD
*Only accepting new skills class and group therapy clients.* 90min RO DBT and DBT skills training classes run weekly. $65 per session.  
16 Years Experience
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Tampa, Florida therapist: Catherine Cooper, licensed mental health counselor
Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Catherine Cooper

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC, LMFTI
Throughout my counseling career I have worked with veterans, individuals in the criminal justice system, complex families and many other demographics. There is absolutely nothing that you could say to me that would shock me or cause me to be judgmental. I believe that a trusting therapeutic relationship is an essential component of this process. I want you to know that I am capable of holding anything that you may need to share without intimidation or casting shame. As a therapist it is my position to guide you in establishing realistic goals,challenge unhelpful thinking patterns that are blocking growth and assist you in moving through difficult experiences that have been impeding self-empowerment. I have experience working with adults, couples, families and adolescence as young as 14. I specialize in anxiety with a focus in trauma and have experience in couples counseling, family therapy, substance use, and adolescent substance use.  
8 Years Experience
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Daytona Beach, Florida therapist: Ellen Fontaine, therapist
Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Ellen Fontaine

Therapist, MSW, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern
I feel so privileged to be a therapist. I am constantly humbled by client’s ability to be vulnerable, which shows a deep courage. I value authenticity, connection, trust, and curiosity. I will use these values to help guide our process. I am eager to break negative cycles, not only for myself, but for others too. Although I am warm and empathetic, I also do not f**k around with healing, so I will be real with you. I am ready when you are.  
1 Years Experience
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 therapist: Dr. Debra Rezendes, marriage and family therapist
Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Dr. Debra Rezendes

Marriage and Family Therapist, Ph.D., LMFT
Want to live fuller and love better? Whether you're facing challenging life transitions, navigating through relationship difficulties, or simply yearning for meaningful connections with yourself or others, I can help. I work with creative, curious, and motivated individuals and couples who are ready to turn their heartache into a breakthrough. If you want this too, let's talk. Let's rewrite old beliefs that prevent you from living and loving better, so you can live the wholehearted life you were meant to live.  
14 Years Experience
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