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    In 2012, Melbourne Health received over $120,000 for mental health training programs. North Western Mental Health, along with 25 other agencies, is developing a mental health promotion aimed to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. This program strives to educate the community as a whole on the mental health services available in Melbourne.

    Of the 456,456 outpatients health care appointments made in 2012, 283,648 were for mental health services. Several outpatient therapy programs are available for patients in Melbourne. You can find programs with many diverse specialties to meet your personal needs. For example, you can find several experts that specialize in depression, anxiety, and grief or loss. You may also be referred to support groups where like-minded individuals can meet for group therapy.

    TherapyTribe offers specializations that include anxiety disorders, anger management, gender issues, and relationship problems. When you’re looking for a therapist, it’s important to take a moment and identify the specific area that you want help with. You’ll find that it’s much easier to find a suitable therapist when you have an idea of what area you’d like to focus on.

    Fourteen percent of Australians between the ages of 4 and 17 have behavioral or mental health problems. North Western Mental Health offers several services specifically targeted to this demographic. Patients who require inpatient services will find that Australia’s mental health facilities are held to high standards. There are 15 key performance indicators put in place to evaluate the facilities. Eighty-four percent of Australian facilities are compliant with all national standards. An impressive 71% of patients who receive inpatient care see significant improvement. The average stay in acute inpatient units is 15.1 days. Approximately 1.8% of the population receives clinical mental health care.

    The Australian government’s Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative provides Medicare rebates for psychological treatments. Many mental health problems including but not limited to anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, sexual disorders, and even sleep problems are covered. You must see a registered psychologist to receive this coverage. If your psychologist bulks bills, you can receive your entire treatment at no cost.

    Mental health care is important for everyone. Thanks to Melbourne’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness of good mental health and minimize the stigma of a mental illness, you’ll find it easier than ever to get the care you need. TherapyTribe directory allows you to search a large community of therapy specialists with experience in many different issues and disorders. Reaching out for assistance is the first step in achieving mental wellness.