Life Coaching

Life Coaching

What is Life Coach Therapy?

Therapists don’t only handle traumatic situations that require hour long sessions of therapy. Some can also assist and actually specialize in life coaching. Life coaching is fairly new as compared to other parts of therapy like abnormal behavioral therapists. Through this practice, therapists assist individuals in getting their lives to the places that they want them to be.

The theory of life coaching developed from the premise established by situations involving other coaches such as the sensei in karate and the coach in football. The life coach is able to evaluate your situation and provide valuable experience and encouragement for either getting back on track or doing even better than before. Life coaches can assist with all parts of the process, though they may specialize in particular fields. In many cases, the life coach/client relationship is far closer than that of a general therapist/client. Another important purpose behind life coaching is developing support and a positive network.

Methods Typically Used in Therapy for Life Coaching

Most of the time, life coaching is classified as a form of talk therapy. The therapist will primarily listen. After reaching an understanding though, a life coach will then become more interactive. This may be demonstrated through making recommendations or helping draw the individual to a point where the individual comes up with a plan. In most cases, it is more cooperative. A therapist who is life coaching will serve as both sounding board and vetting committee for the client’s ideas and goals, helping the client determine ways to make those goals a reality and get his dream life back on track.

However, in situations where it turns out that there are deeper issues underlying the inability to reach certain goals, the therapist will then begin to deal with the roots of those problems. Depression and anxiety are the two most common illnesses to accompany individuals in this arena.

Reasons for Hiring a Life Coach

People typically hire life coaches when they are unable to reach the goals that they have set for themselves. However, you don’t even have to be having a problem to decide to hire a life coach. In life coaching, the purpose is not just to help you reach your goals but to improve the current quality of your life through each step.

The most common situations in which an individual looks for a life coach are those when you have been unable to develop action plans for your goals or cannot establish balance in your life or fail to deal healthfully with stressful situations.

What to Look for in a Life Coach / Therapist

Some states do not have the same requirements for life coaches as for therapists in part because it is not considered to be a therapy position. However, for the best results, it is important to meet with a licensed therapist. In most cases, a licensed therapist will be better qualified to assist you with your development. It’s not uncommon for clients to discover that a number of hidden issues are preventing them from reaching their dream goals, and a trained therapist can assist better than a general person who has decided to start calling herself a life coach.

It is important to look at the track record of the individual you hire. Given the number of sub issues that generally develop, it is typically better to hire a professional rather than someone who has “been to the school of hard knocks and is willing to share wisdom.” Coming up with good plans and ideas is one thing, but ensuring that warning signals are not ignored and the underlying issues are treated requires additional training. Search TherapyTribe for a qualified Life Coach or Therapist in your area.