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    As one of the largest cities in North America, Montreal boasts a thriving population full of diversity and potential. As most cities do, Montreal faces its own unique set of mental health needs. Besides being one of the biggest cities in Canada, it is also one of the most densely populated. Life in a packed urban environment can affect how the brain responds to stress, leading to increased anxiety and depression. Finding help for stress management in the Montreal area can help residents battle the big city blues and thrive in their environment.

    Statistics Canada show that, in the Montreal area, only about 72% of the population self-reported their mental health as being very good or excellent, and less than 5% of Montreal’s population copes with a professionally diagnosed mood disorder. While that 5% may seem miniscule, it seems bigger when you think of it in different terms. That is one in 20 people. It’s likely that many more people suffer from mood disorders that they do not want to acknowledge.

    In addition to stress management, anxiety therapy can aid people who find it challenging to confront everyday life. The Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression uses cognitive behavior therapy to assist people in getting their emotions and life back on track as quickly as possible. Many of the therapists that you can find through TherapyTribe do the same.

    With the high divorce rate in North America, you can take comfort in knowing that a therapist is not far away if you and your family ever need marriage and family counseling to help you stay together. The rapid pace and inherent stress of city life can fray relationships, so that time you spend in a therapist’s office can prove invaluable for preserving those precious bonds.

    You have many options when it comes to choosing a therapist – how can you find one that is a good fit? A convenient location is important, since battling traffic for hours on your way to your appointment can cause so much stress that you’re already ready to go home by the time your appointment starts. Also make sure that the therapist’s methods and specialties are in line with your needs. Remember, too, that if you feel like you and a certain therapist are not a good fit, there is no reason for you not to seek the help of someone else.

    Life in Montreal’s exciting and diverse culture serves up plenty of opportunities for a happy, productive life. TherapyTribe remains committed to helping people find qualified therapists who want to see their patients live as fully and happily as possible.